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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 14, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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rescuers follow the barks to find a dog who fell. >> 50 feet down the cliff into the water. >> see why saving pooch is one steep challenge. a biker is riding next to a trailer. >> that trailer got a big beam on it. >> why it takes some big nerve to do what happens next. >> dang, dude. she's a performer with a dedicated following. >> they call her roya the de stroya. >> more tallens in one leg than in your body.
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breath away. another guy who planned something very different. >> to freak out his girlfriend. >> why the getting tased prank is not for the faint of heart. >> it's not funny! it is amazing pooch the boxer was able to survives this fall. he fell on the cliff and he was spotted by paddlers right here and walkers because they could hear the dog barking. he fell ability out 50 feet down the cliff into the water. scrambled on the rocks the irish coast guard has to go down to get him. they couldn't save him by boat. it was too dangerous. they have to drop somebody down there, a rescue climber, to get him. they're hammering down spikes, they have to secure the person they're going to lower down there. you hear him say, wait, i hear help coming. you see, they make quick work of climbing down, putting him in the bag and then hauling him
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>> he's like thank goodness for all these great people. >> it's amazing somebody was able to spot this creature who needed rescue. a call from a woman named loretta. this is a rescue we don't see very often on "right this minute." >> i'm in downtown l.a. and i just saw a dwarf peach baby >> what? >> pretty detailed description. >> yeah. a dwarf peach baby bunny spotted by this woman. she called hope for paws. we've seen them rescue dogs and cats on the show. this time they're after a bunny. >> found him. >> and there you can see that little dwarf rabbit. >> he's coming. he's going to jump into your net in a second. >> the problem is, rabbits like there. they have to surround this rabbit and you can see there, they've got the net on one side but somebody has to ease in between the fence and building. >> ready. >> got him? >> hey. >> yeah.
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able to get the rabbit in there. the cool thing is -- >> they're so cute. >> it is darling because you got to check it out. the person loretta who called in decided to foster the rabbit along with her pet dogs. >> oh. >> at the very end you see it can open the door, apparently. >> oh. got a couple motorcycle videos for you guys. this first one you think is right out of the movie "the fast and the furious" but it's not. it's right out of the highways of texas. this guy on his motorcycle is right next to a big trailer. that trailer has got a big beam on it. >> well this guy decided to take an opportunity to do something he thought was super cool. >> don't, don't, don't. >> no. >> yes. >> he looks around and goes right under the beam. >> dang, dude. >> one little thing gets wrong there's like eight wheels behind him. >> yes.
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>> never mind his danger all the other people that he's endangering if this goes wrong. >> there's another one right in front, what does he do, he sees that, looks for clearance and boom, goes under that second one. there is a third one. he goes right under it without any problem. >> yeah. this is awesome video and we're impressed but we have to highlight this is just a terrible, terrible idea. >> he says he has a personal motto, that is you're only a [ bleep ] if you crash. really cool to be on a motorcycle but i have a solution, i think. thanks to these guys over at the jake the garden snake youtube channel. warmer. >> oh, gosh. that's ridiculous. >> the motor of your motorcycle does produce a ton of heat. they will use that and redirect it up to your handle bars. >> going to come up the tube. heat rises anyway. that well use science there. warm your hands.
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this. but there's something to this. >> definitely a high volume of heat coming up. i mean it's -- it's so toasty, guys. this is amazing. >> finally gets to this underpass and we want to make a few modifications, produce a little more heat. how can we do that. >> sparklers, shove them down in the hole. this helps get them going too, guys. a little bit of -- little bit of brake cleaner. >> and so when did they end up in hospital? >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. yeah. >> wow. >> guess what? your bike is on fire. surprise. >> but his hands are warmer. as most of us know, any time you head into a subway or bart station, you're going to be entertained, right. this young lady is quite entertaining.
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>> oh. >> dang. >> this girl is breaking it down with just one leg. >> break dancing it down, yeah. >> yes. they call her roya the dest roya. i understand why. she's a dancer and performed with the circus. she was born with one leg. she actually has a prosthetic but said it felt like it weighed her down. she's foot loose and fancy free and getting it done. >> this girl is not all dance moves. she holds degrees in engineering and project management and 2014 nominated for the pride of australia medal. >> the level of inspiration you can get from a video like this for people around the world struggling with a disability and they can see this girl is doing stuff we couldn't in our dreams attempt and succeed at. >> yeah. like all of us, we couldn't pull any of those moves off at all. >> that's how i look in my head. >> i don't look that good in my head. i know i can't pull that off.
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pulled is impressive into it's all about attitude and believing you can do anything with what you have. >> you go girl. >> she took her bow ahead of time, she knew, she was going to school everybody. i started watching a video desk. try to figure out what's going to happen. the owner of the car walking gas. as he's inside, notice somebody else comes walking up to that car and i'm thinking okay, carobry. my instincts the guy jumps into the car, tries to make his way off, may have been stealing cart from bruce lee. watch what happens. >> whoa. >> keep watching. look he gets double legs, both legs, like something out of an action movie. straight through the window. while he doesn't quite make it in, he gets his other leg inside the guy trying to steal the car, saves his own car. >> was the window open or kicked the window out?
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i was watching this at my desk. my jaw dropped. >> imagine that guy's view as he's trying to steal the car he looks left and sees a crotch coming after him. >> police are looking for this guy, 24-year-old timothy slater wanted for a string of offensive and the one suspected of this attempted robbery. we head over to russia coming across a situation that's started already. a driver of the honda civic hits a pedestrian who has made the terrible mistake of trying to cross the road at that marked pedestrian crossing. he was hit by the car. was a little angry and banged his hand against the side window. the driver didn't like that after hitting him with his car, decided to get the bat in his car and continue to give that pedestrian a beating. >> people in russia are so crazy. it cracks me up. >> strange. you see he's wrestling with the guy, reigning punches before other drivers jump out and like
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and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. mike swanson and [ inaudible ] are going to pull off stunts out here in the desert. they did this for urban armored gear. they're setting up an enormous helicopter. they go up in the helicopter first and do a couple of jumps going down about 1 hour. but once they get the jump out of the way, they start blowing up the hot air balloon and prepping it. they're going to get on top of the hot air balloon. they have to get on it while >> really? >> going to climb on the balloon
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and then they're going to attach a slide to the side of the balloon so they can slide right off the top of the balloon. >> the most i like they inflated the balloon with him on it. i wouldn't do that. >> i mean -- >> here they go, they start going up into the sky. and while they're at altitude, i think about 2800 feet, they get the okay, yo, jump. he jumps but gets stuck. he recovers and continues walking closer to the edge and then eventually takes off. >> whoa! >> what a really cool idea. and then to find the people to say, hey, we want to sit on top of the balloon. who agrees to that. these guys are well respected athletes. >> some of the greatest pilots out there. they knew they were working with pros. if you look up the word
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the definitions you'll get is suavely charmly in a way. i think it will be easier to put a picture of lucas there. he has pulled out all the symptoms for his anna. anna and her best mate has flown to san francisco to attend an event, swanky event as well. dressed to the nines. heads to this building. as she's on her way up in the elevator she's thinking you know what, if only lucas could be here. lucas is all the way in rome. lucas is not in rome anymore, though. this guy has put together a plan that just makes me swoon. >> let's do it. >> on top of the building, lucas is waiting. lucas is not by himself. a small orchestra there and a singer. the orchestra playing the song you're hearing in the video which is the one by bocelli. i think you figured out where this is going. >> perfect. >> going to like this as well. check out the rock. >> bling bling. >> oh, my goodness. look at that view.
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>> now for that moment. he drops down to one knee. you see all the emotion welling up inside her. he reaches in and pulls out the gigantic rock. >> it's like something out of a movie. >> yes. it is. isn't it? he's not done yet. because while he's talking to her, wispering small nothingings in her air ear, turn around. >> watch her reaction when she sees her friends and family. >> oh. >> and ugly cry. >> that's not ugly anything going on right here. this is perfect. >> like i said, lucas, . we like to say don't be a scaredy cat but it's the dogs scared in the video. we start with storm. she apparently is afraid of seth the cat. of course storm's owner, they say seth the cat never swipes at her.
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>> the cat is doing it when the humans aren't around. that's how cats work. >> and she tries to approach but she's like i, i can't. >> they gave her the lion cut. the cowardly lion right there. >> exactly. she does look like the cowardly lion. eventually she's like i got to do it. >> another scaredy cat dog. crystal. she's in the cart at pet smart and her family says you will never believe what she's afraid of. along comes a little girl with stuffed animals she can play with. not afraid of that. look what it is. yes. >> doesn't like that giant dog. >> that giant dogs poster is just a little bit chilling. >> why do they have so many posters so realistic? [ growling ] it's kayaking time but there's a problem they don't
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water sport turned into a scene from "cool running." plus, kids say the darnedest things. >> i promise to get -- >> the shocking and hilarious answers when asked about their social lives.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... pro -- promotional considerations provided by -- whatever. many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. sometimes folks ask you, what would you go back and tell your 7, 8, 9-year-old self. the folks over at buzz feed have sat down with third graders to have them explain their social lives.
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figured out in third grade. >> it's when you think a girl and boy are perfect together and you put the two names together. i shift. >> it's pretty hilarious. >> a lot of the boys are very shy an a lot of the girls are very talkative. >> most of the boys have crushes on girls. >> let's say this is a girl and this is a boy. >> that doesn't change. that's forever. >> doesn't change at all. >> my best friend michael. >> i promise to get him smiling man. wing man to wing man. >> this kid has the wing man thing figured out. was like 27. >> this it one boy that we know has a crush, she has a crush on him, everyone knows it, it's just they don't know it. >> when you said they were going to describe their social lives i did not expect the conversation to go this way. i have soccer after school and then ceramics class and dance class at 8. >> i didn't realize the
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social life than me. >> yeah. >> some are mean to girls when they like them so they think they will hang around with them more. that's not the way to get them to like you back. you have to show respect and kindness. >> he's got it. that is true. >> i want this kid to be like hold on. oh, yeah. i'll call her back later. >> he's slipping through tinder while being interviewed. >> looks like they have it figured out and i still don't. want to see the video in its entirety over ha ed over to click on the tv show or download the mobile app. >> there's a right way to do wrong things and the wrong way to do fun things. that's really the only way to describes these three videos. a couple guys who have kayaks but don't have water in liquid form. >> i like how they're still using the paddle. >> it's working. >> but how long does it work? >> let's find out when you get
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>> look out! >> oh! >> she fell down, but not because he hit her. she was running to get out of the way and slipped and fell on the ice. on her bum, but she's okay. >> when do we see this in the olympics that's what i want to know. >> the next guy tim. tim is going to teach us how to do it right. >> oh. >> there's tim in the distance revving up his snowmobile and show us to how to do a jump. >> is he? >> oh! >> that was dope, though, until he flew off. >> right. >> he showed us how to do a jump and then flip off the front of the handle bars and auger in and have your sled drive over you. >> i like how he was the brake. >> do you think this guy on the quad learned at tim's school of jumping? >> let's hope so. >> yeah. >> oh! >> maybe he was going for the splash landing in the water. he didn't even really get to the top of the ramp right. just was all out of whack at the
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his feet, quad on its wheels. >> wasn't wearing a helmet and still alive. >> the quad hit the landing better than he did. got to give him that. >> he's a man with a cruel plan. >> what he's going to do is use this newly purchased taser to freak out his girlfriend. >> see hows this prank ends. >> it's notararare company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information, call (877) 751-6720 arar meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected.
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y that game if they were any good, but that is the greatest usage of that machine yet. youtube is amazing, so cool. 300 hours of video is unloaded every minute that allows people to connect from all over the world to tell their stories. unfortunately for girlfriends around the world boyfriends come up with stupid ideas like this. >> oh, no. >> probably not that dumb. >> this is the taser prank. here goes nothing. >> he's not going to tase her. don't worry. >> i was like what? >> what he's going to do is use the newly purchased taser to freak out his girlfriend. i'm sure it's going to end
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>> ow! >> scream, falls to the floor, has a moment on the floor. >> what the [ bleep ] are you doing? >> that's why he set up the camera because he knew he would get a reaction like that. >> that's just where it starts. >> are you okay? are you okay? are you okay? eddie, stop, are you messing with me? >> yes, i am. >> he immediately confesses. >> and she goes nuclear. >> yeah. >> this is [ bleep ] closet. did i not [ bleep ] you. it's not funny! you [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> he probably does this to her all the time and she's up to here with his pranks. >> let me give this guy a tip. if you are going to do this next time put clear cellophane tape over the door so when she comes running in -- >> that's a death wish. >> girlfriends of youtube.
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>> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> you're not funny! you guys are great. thanks for watching. catch us on the next "right this
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